AIMsight MUM-14A 3NW Mil Spec Mul-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen 3 White Phosphor NAMMUM14A135DW1


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AIMsight MUM-14A 3NW Mil Spec Mul-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen 3 White Phosphor NAMMUM14A135DW1
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The MUM-14A 3NW is  a  high  performance  modular,  hand held  passive  night  vision  monocular  device that  utilizes  a  single  Generation  II/III  intensifier  tube  to  provide  crisp,  clear  images  under  the  darkest conditions. The  MUM-14A  “single  tube  /  single  eyepiece”  approach  to  night  vision  missions  is  based upon  the  proven  concept  that  independent  use  of  each  eye  maximizes  the  ability  of  the  user  to  operate under  a  wide  range  of  low  light  conditions  maintaining  optimal  situational  awareness  and  flexibility  of equipment  applications. Small  and  Versatile,  the  MUM-14A  gives  you  a  high  performance  2nd  generation  system  in  the  smallest package  available.  With  its  unique  electronic  switch  performance,  the  MUM-14A  does  not  require  an adapter  to  convert  from  AA  to  123A  batteries.  The  MUM-14  has  the  ability  to  be  weapon  mounted, head/helmet  mounted,  handheld,  optionally  attached  to  cameras  and  extender  3x/5x  afocal  objective lenses.  Also  available  is  a  dual system  head/helmet  mount  that  allow  two  MUM-14A’s  to  become  one  binocular  system. The  on-axis  rail  system  permits  the  MUM-14A  to  use  a  wide  range  of  mounting options.



Gen3  "White Phosphor"

Rugged  Design

Hands free  Operation

Integrated  IR  Illuminator

Head,  Helmet  or Weapon Mountable

Intuitive  Modular  Design

Dual  Mini  Rails  for  Fast  Head  and Weapon  Mounting  Transition

Highlight  cutoff



Image  Intensifier  Tube  - Gen  3 White Phosphor

Magnification  - 1x

Lens  System  - 27  mm;  F/1.2

FOV  - 40°

Focus  Range  - 0.25  m  to  Infinity

Diopter  Adjustment - -6  to  +4  dpt

Led  Indicators  - Low  battery  (yellow)  IR  illuminator  (red)

Low  battery  indicator  - Yes

Infrared  Illuminator  - Yes

Battery  Type  - One  CR123A  (3V)  or  AA  (1.5  V)

Battery  Life  (Operating)  - Up  to  40  hours  at  20°C

Operating  Temperature  Range  - -37°C  to  +54°C  (-35°F  to  +129°F)

Storage  Temperature  Range  - -51°C  to  +71°C  (-59°F  to  +159°F)

Weight  - 0.275  kg  (0.6  lbs)

Overall  Dimensions  - 114  ×  49  ×  79  mm  (4.5  ×  1.9  ×  3.1  in)

Export Restrictions

This product is subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms regulations (ITAR) (22CFR 120 through 130). A license or other approval is required to the ITAR prior to any Export or Temporary Import.