Bering Optics Stryker 1.0x Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggles w/Head Gear BE25125

Bering optics

$ 1,795.00 $ 2,200.00

Bering Optics Stryker 1.0x Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggles w/Head Gear BE25125


Stryker night vision goggles was developed for variety of applications including nature observation, boating and other recreational uses as well as suitable for security surveillance. When paired with high performance Gen 2+ image intensifier tube, they will meet law enforcement requirements for surveillance at night and would be a reasonable alternative at lower cost to the majority of highly priced NV goggles. 

STRYKER has an integrated IR illuminator, IR “on” and low battery indicators, excess light exposure cut-off sensor and many other features. Additional custom-built feature is an external 12V DC power in jack. 

The goggles may be equipped with 3x afocal attachment, 4x, 6x and 8x magnifier lenses (sold separately) to further extend the viewing capability. 




Automatic brightness control


Internal “low battery” and “IR-on” indicators


Built-in IR illuminator for close-up illumination in complete darkness


Bi-ocular design with mechanical interpupillary adjustment

Protected against excess light exposure



Waterproof, corrosion and dust resistant


Comfortable for extended surveillance


PASGT and ACH/MICH helmets mountable allowing for 'hands-free' operation







Magnification, x


Field of view, deg


Focus range, yard/m

0.28/0.24 to infinity

Detection range, yard/m


Overall dimensions, in/mm

7.2"(L)x5.2"(W)x2.3"(H) / 183x132x58

Weight, g/oz


Power source

3V, CR123 (one battery)

Battery life, hour

up to 40

Operating temperature, °F/°C

18:1 or better

Operating temperature, °F/°С

-22 to +113 / -30 to +45

Water intrusion

Meets IPX5 rating

Humidity, %

up to 98%

In Box

  1. Goggles
    2. Head gear
    3. Head gear adaptor
    4. Protective carrying case

NOTE: The different magnifier lens pictured are sold separately.

    Export Restrictions

    While all Gen 3 and some Gen 2+ require export licenses, all night vision products are subject to United States Export rules and regulations. Valid export licenses may be issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation 120-130. No exceptions!!