Trijicon SNIPE-IR 35mm Thermal Rifle Clip-On Scope Sight 640x480 60Hz (IRCO-35)


$ 9,999.00 

Trijicon SNIPE-IR 35mm Thermal Rifle Clip-On Scope Sight 640x480 60Hz (IRCO-35)



The Trijicon SNIPE-IR 640x480 thermal clip-on sight is built on the chassis of the proven REAP-IR mini thermal sight.  The system provides the user with pass through thermal capabilities to their existing magnified day optic.  With new advanced features such as HYBRID mode and NO SHOT ZERO, the SNIPE-IR will deliver on both performance and ease of use.  The 640 x 480 12um micron VOx sensor combined with the OLED emagin micro display allows superior viewing through most conditions including smoke, dust, and complete darkness.

Small and lightweight, the new SNIPE-IR has been designed to comfortably fit in front of your optical day sight.  With its advanced VisRelay collimating optic, the SNIPE-IR has incredible parallax.  This makes it the ideal choice for 24 hour weapon sight applications.  Its 640 x 480 12um micron sensor provides the clearest, most incredible imagery.  And at a fast 60hz frame rate, the SNIPE-IR is ideal for on-the-move targeting.

Designed and optimized to work with the 4×32 ACOG, the SNIPE-IR performs great with 3x and 4x day optics as well as a large range of variable rifle sights.  The all new NO SHOT ZERO feature makes it easy for the user to verify that the SNIPE-IR has boresight when attached for the first time.  The HYBRID mode will allow full frame imaging to deliver the best image quality for better accuracy and identification when targeting.

The system has been ergonomically made so that the digital display, with all its icons and symbols, fits perfectly into your sight picture.  All the controls for the thermal sight are easy to access and intuitive so that the SNIPE-IR is simple to operate for such an advanced platform.

Trijicon went the extra mile to make a user-simplified sight in procedure.  One of the common issues with clip-on thermal systems is that they do not always work as a pass-through and need to be aligned.  The new NO SHOT ZERO feature makes any final corrections and calibrations a breeze.  You will be amazed at the step-by-step user instructions that are displayed on screen to guide you through the sight-in procedure.

The Trijicon SNIPE-IR is the most user friendly thermal clip-on sight available.  Mil-Spec and made in the USA, it is designed for use on the battlefield and hunting field alike.



Easy sight-in integration for accurate calibrations.


Collimates and de-magnifies the display end of the optic to optimize for use with a magnified day optic.


640x480 OLED offers a pixel-to-pixel match with the sensor for the clearest possible image.


Incredible image quality and 42% increase in magnification over 17-micron sensors.


Minimizes lag for fast-moving scenes.

Length x Width x Height
7.4 in x 2.95 in x 3 in
(187.96mm x 74.93mm x 76.2mm)
24.6 oz. (697.4g)
Day Reticle Color
Black / White Adaptive
Night Reticle Color
Black / White Adaptive
Illumination Source
Power Source
2 CR123 Batteries
Battery Life
Aprox. 2 hours per battery
Eye Relief
1.06 in. (26.92mm)
Field of View (degrees)
Mini D-LOC
Matte Black
Operating Temperature
-40F to +131F (-40c to 55c)
Sensor Type
Uncooled Vox (Vanadium Oxide)
Digital Zoom
Sensor Resolution
Sensor Pixel Pitch
12 µm
Focal Length
Video Output
Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)


Mini Picatinny Rail Mount
User Manual
Quick Reference Guide
2 CR123 Batteries
Trijicon Logo Sticker
Warranty Card
Hard Case

Export Restrictions

While all Gen 3 and some Gen 2+ require export licenses, all night vision products are subject to United States Export rules and regulations. Valid export licenses may be issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation 120-130. No exceptions!!