MINI GADGETS LYCANGPS Lycan Live GPS Tracker TrimTrac Slim Durable Locator

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MINI GADGETS LYCANGPS Lycan Live GPS Tracker TrimTrac Slim Durable Locator




A completely self-contained end-user device, the TrimTrac locator is the size of a white board eraser and weighs 7.2 ounces without batteries. It is encased in a durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing.


Vehicle Integration 

The TrimTrac locator can be connected to on-board vehicle systems and devices to add value to existing services, and new applications can be rapidly developed to expand the types of services available to subscribers.


Less Cost, More Discrete

The TrimTrac locator can be instantly placed inside a vehicle’s passenger glove compartment or similar discrete location. As a selfcontained, battery-powered unit that has no external connections or antennas, it eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive installations associated with many other tracking devices. The enhanced GPS sensitivity of the TrimTrac locator permits device placement in areas where conventional GPS may not work. It can be easily concealed inside a vehicle to prevent tampering or unauthorized removal, yet still be removed quickly because it has no external attachments.


Broad and Reliable Coverage

The TrimTrac locator is founded upon established technologies: GPS, which is truly global in nature, and GSM/SMS, which is the foremost wireless communications technology with the largest geographical coverage and the greatest number of subscribers.

The TrimTrac locator offers not only world-class GPS performance, but employs an enhanced GPS sensitivity mode that allows limited operation in places where traditional GPS receivers may not work. It also supports the three major GSM frequency bands, specifi cally 900/1800 MHz (DCS) worldwide and 1900 MHz (PCS) in the United States, where GSM coverage is comparable to other leading digital wireless standards.


Cost-effective and Secure Transmissions

Position reports and commands are sent as SMS (short message service) text messages over the GSM network, thereby providing secure and low-cost data transmission, while optimizing the battery life of the TrimTrac device.


Power Options Deliver Extended Performance

The TrimTrac locator can operate for up to 90 days on a set of four AA batteries during normal use with good GPS visibility. Easy to access batteries provide simple and low-cost maintenance and operation. For applications requiring more frequent position reports or other communications than can be adequately supported with batteries, the device can be connected to external power by using the optional
Vehicle Adapter Module.


Vehicle Adapter Module Expands Capabilities

The Vehicle Adapter Module is a plug-in module that replaces the standard battery pack to enable the TrimTrac locator to operate off vehicle power, more suitable for permanent installations. It includes a standby, rechargeable battery for continued position reporting even if vehicle power is disconnected. In the event of a vehicle theft, where disconnecting the vehicle’s main battery often silences car alarms, the
device provides an extra measure of protection by quickly sending a status message and continuing to report position. The Vehicle Adapter Module also allows the TrimTrac locator to monitor up to three types of switch inputs, greatly expanding the number of applications that service providers can offer. For example, it can monitor other on-board systems and devices, such as car alarms and driver-operated switches, to report status and modify its operation. The additional security measures may include, for instance, automatic notification and frequent position reporting in the event that a car alarm is armed or triggered, vehicle.

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  • There is a $50 activation fee charged when you activate your device for the first time
  • All plans automatically renew at the end of each term