MINI GADGETS MIRRORSPY Sony Camera Disguised Security Mirror 420TVL Resolution

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MINI GADGETS MIRRORSPY Sony Camera Disguised Security Mirror 420TVL Resolution
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Lying discreetly behind this concave security mirror is a professional security camera.  The security mirror is a tiny 3.5" in diameter, but can reflect what is going on in an aisle or a corner of the store and record even more.

Perfect for retail surveillance. The security mirror allows your employees to watch over areas of the store particularly vulnerable to shoplifting.  However, if they are busy with a customer, the 1/3" Sony Camera hidden inside has 420TVL resolution and an 82° viewing field, capable of clearly showing the culprit in the act.

Covert.  It is difficult to find the camera even when holding the Mirror Spy because the reflective surface. Criminals may know they're being watched by the employees but they won't know they're being filmed.  If they take out a visible security camera during a robbery they are unlikely to be concerned with the Mirror Spy. 

Power and storage by PC.  Units like these that work by connecting to a PC benefit you in several ways. You never have to worry about batteries or limited storage space, since it is powered by the PC and you can easily add memory to your computer.  Also, since the data is immediately saved to PC, recovering the files in the case of a technical difficulty is easy.


    •   Looks just like a security mirror
    •     High resolution wide angle lens
    •     Same technology used by professionals

Technical Specs

    •     Color 1/3" Sony Camera
    •     82° view field
    •     Resolution: 420TVL
    •     Mirror is 3.5" in diameter


    •     1 MirrorSpy
    •     1 Instruction booklet
    •     1 Power cord