MINI GADGETS UW-DVR Sport Color Camera Waterproof DVR

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$ 166.95 $ 183.65

MINI GADGETS UW-DVR Sport Color Camera Waterproof DVR



The Sport Cam is designed to attach easily to your bike or gear. Take quality first person footage of your sports event in any weather. 

Water resistant to nine feet. Shoot footage in the rain or record adventures at the pool.

VGA quality video. 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second. 

Easy operation. The included mini tripod and Velcro® straps are simple to set up.  


Removable memory. Supports SD cards up to 4 GB.



    • Water resistant
    • Easily attaches to a bike for on the go recording of your travels
    • Simple operation
    • A wide array of free included accessories


Technical Specifications

    • Video resolution: 640 x 480 @ up to 30fps
    • Water resistant up to 3 meters
    • Supports SD cards up to 4GB




    • 1 x UW-DVR
    • 1 x Mini tripod
    • 1 x A/V cable
    • 2 x Velcro strap
    • 1 x Mounting brackets
    • 1 x rubber adhesive strips
    • 1 x roll of rubber padding