RainReserve Build-a-Barrel 50 Gallon Rainwater Tank & Diverter Kit Gray 2051207


$ 199.95 $ 299.95

RainReserve Build-a-Barrel 50 Gallon Rainwater Tank & Diverter Kit Gray 2051207


The elegant and simple design of the RainReserve Build-A-Barrel system provides the perfect rainwater harvesting solution you've been looking for. Assembles in minutes and easy to install, the Build-A-Barrel 50 Gallon Kit can collect and store 50 gallons of rainwater. Each RainReserve Build-A-Barrel includes the RainReserve Diverter  to handle overflow and debris comes with a high-flow spigot.  Made from durable materials, Build-A-Barrel is available in 3 different color options and its wood-like texture will match any landscape. The square design provides a shelf for planters and other gardening accessories. If your looking for more design options or more rainwater harvesting capacity, check-out the Build-A-Barrel Complete Kit. Build-A-Barrel is made in the USA.
Product General Info:
Available in five different shapes, Build-A-Barrel fits and blends perfectly into every type of landscape and can hold up to 100 gallons of rainwater.  Constructed using 'wood-like' textured plastic panels that easily assemble together, each Build--A-Barrel includes a heavy duty liner, fittings & comes with our top-selling complete RainReserve Diverter kit. And because Build-A-Barrel is assembled on-site, it can be shipped for a fraction of the cost when compared to similiar rain barrel tanks. Choose from one of 3 colors available: Brown, Tan & Grey. Build-A-Barrel is manufactured in the USA.