SPI M1-D Marine Thermal PTZ Multi Sensor Pan Tilt Laser HD Camera 640x480 19mm


$ 9,900.00 $ 10,890.00

SPI M1-­D Marine Thermal PTZ Multi Sensor Pan Tilt Laser HD Camera 640x480 19mm


The M1-D Marine PTZ Thermal camera combines visual imaging, thermal imaging and laser targeting to create a breakthrough in size, performance and features for a Marine PTZ camera system.


The M1-D Marine PTZ is the latest multi sensor pan tilt camera system from SPI CORP. The M1-D is the first affordable micro PTZ camera designed for use on any vessel as a marine ptz camera system. The unit features an integrated thermal camera (FLIR), CCTV visual imaging camera and laser pointer in an ultra compact rugged marine housing. The M1-D is a marine PTZ remote positioning system suitable for mounting on a wide range of vessels in ocean and fresh water environments. The M1-D is the breakthrough product that you have been waiting for to satisfy your imaging needs 24/7/365 at a price you will not believe.

Features of the M1-D FLIR Pan Tilt Thermal Camera for Marine Applications  

    The FLIR thermal sensor in the M1-D gives you clear vision in total darkness. The ability to see in the dark makes the M1-D an ideal aid to navigation and compliments your existing radar to give you 360 degree visibility. Radar is a wonderful tool that is now commonplace on vessels of every size. The M1-D will not replace your radar set but rather acts in conjunction with it to give you maximum information about your surroundings. While radar will spot potential targets and terrain, the M1-D will actually give you a detailed video image of what may be lurking up ahead.
    A FLIR Marine thermal PTZ sensor is so valuable to locating and rescuing stranded boaters in a man overboard situation that it should be required equipment on all vessels, large and small.  The FLIR thermal sensor produces a crystal clear video image day or night regardless of lighting or weather conditions. Due to the physics of thermal imaging sensors water produces a very even "dark" background making it easy to spot objects on top of the water. A human floating in the water will stick out like a sore thumb! This can greatly reduce the time needed to spot a victim overboard, especially in the dark of night. To further aid in rescue the M1-D has a visible laser pointer so that you can pinpoint the location of the victim while circling around to retrieve them. There is no doubt about it, the M1-D Marine PTZ has the potential to save lives!
    Ah the joys of docking your boat. The approach to the harbor and the process of docking a vessel in a slip or crowded anchorage can be a stressful task regardless of your skill level or boat size. The difficulty is compounded when trying these manuevors at night or in inclement weather. Spotlights can help but by definition you can only see the "spot" that the "light" is pointed towards. With an M1-D FLIR PTZ you get a crisp full color thermal video image of the entire scene around you.  Clearly see the dock, buoys, boat traffic and moorings regardless of darkness or weather. The fear of darkness and the desire to see at night are human traits deeply ingrained in our DNA. The experience of seeing in the dark literally "opens your eyes" and takes your breath away. The M1-D FLIR PTZ gives you more docking functionality than other FLIR PTZ systems on the market.  With the integrated LASER designator (an M1-D exclusive) you can easily point out what you are seeing to the rest of your crew. Now instead of just barking verbal commands in the dark regarding hazzards ahead you can also give them a visual cue by firing the laser. The combination of visual and auditory commands greatly increases crew comprehension which minimizes stress leading to faster and safer boat handling.


The M1-D Marine grade PTZ camera is loaded with features. In fact no other system on the market combines all these features into a compact, lightweight housing. In order to get a system with all these features you would have to pay many times the cost of the M1-D marine PTZ.  The M1-D is the most affordable marine thermal ptz camera on the market today. Every M1-D includes a high resolution thermal camera with zoom, a crystal clear visual CCTV daytime video camera and a bore sighted laser pointer for indicating objects in your field of view. The marine ptz base on the M1-D also features continuous 360 degree pan rotation and +- 90 degree tilt so you never miss the action. The system can be mounted right side up or inverted which greatly expands the mounting possibilities on todays complicated vessels. When you find out how affordable the M1-D marine ptz thermal camera is you will not believe it.

The Little Guy!


Standing a mere 6" Tall....

With a Diameter of 4.5"....

Weighing in at 2lbs....


Don't let the micro size of theM1-D Marine fool you, this is a serious multi sensor imaging system designed for the harsh conditions of marine operations in the field. With the latest in thermal, visual and laser technologies the M1-D offers more to the user than systems three times the size and three times the cost. The M1-D marine can also be inverted making it the perfect option for mounting on mast and bridge supports.

The M1-D, this little guy packs a big punch!


The M1-D Marine utilizes industry standard control protocols to easily integrate with the widest variety of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) PTZ keyboard controllers. We have a number of joystick control keyboards that work excellent with the M1-D FLIR PTZ camera system. Most of our controllers feature integrated LCD screens for easy installation. We even have a tablet controller that operates the PTZ system and displays the video. Call us with your application and we will help you determine the most appropriate camera control option.

The new M1-D Tablet PTZ control interface is here. Touch screen control of your M1-D thermal PTZ system!IPAD tablet style ptz controller pan tilt zoom app


front view of the M1-d thermal ptz








Sensor type 640x480, 320x240, 160x120 Thermal FLIR

Zoom 2x, 4x, 8x

Automatic features Auto focus through zoom, AGC, Digital Image Enhancement



PAN 360 degrees continuous

TILT 180 degrees +/-

Laser Pointer Integrated into system IR or Visible (IR LASER DOD ONLY)



Video NTSC/PAL Video, optional Digital Interface

Connector types BNC

Image presentation Monochrome, color thermal and visual with onscreen symbology

Image Storage Optional digital thermal video storage


Power requirements 12-28 VDC



Operating temp -32°C to 55°C (-26°F to 131°F)


Dimensions 6” X 4” X 3.5”

Weight ~2lbs

Mounting Magnetic and hard mount (optional stabilization mount)



Command and Control RS 485 / PELCO-D



Installation Guide Common Installation Guide

Lens cleaning kit Complete cleaning kit

Mounting Hardware Magnetic and Hard mount attachment points included

Cables 20’ main cable standard

Operator’s manual With quick start guide



Storage/transport Case Hard shell

Stabilization Platform vibration isolation platform

Image Stabilization Digital Multi Axis

Network Link Network encorder module





The M1-D comes complete with the Thermal camera, visual camera and laser pointer.  
The package includes
M1-D multi sensor PTZ
Magnetic mounting base
Main system cable (20')
Main System interface cable with power, control and video connections
12VDC vehicle cigarrette lighter plug
AC-DC power supply
Operators manual



Export Restrictions

While all Gen 3 and some Gen 2+ require export licenses, all night vision products are subject to United States Export rules and regulations. Valid export licenses may be issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation 120-130. No exceptions!!


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