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I am dedicated to you, simple as that!! So please contact me at the email addy below for any questions, concerns, or just to say HI :-)
If you dont see it in my store, still ask and I will try and get it for you.
I do have a layaway program also here
Please shoot me an email at
Or Click this link >> Night Vision Universe!

NOW for instant communication I offer a texting line. You can text me at the number below. 

Please text me with any questions at 412-573-9059
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We are based out of Pennsylvania which we are very proud of our home state.

NVU, PO Box 171, New Bethlehem, PA 16242


Why don't you have a number I can call?


Night Vision Universe offers all customer support over Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat. We do not have a phone number for customer support.

We understand that some customers prefer using the phone. Sometimes you just want to talk to a real person. However, you can always be certain that we're actual human beings on the other end of our Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat exchanges. We will always take the time to make sure each question is answered completely and will stick with you until all of your questions are answered.

Here are some major reasons why we choose Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat over phone support.


Faster answers and shorter wait times


It may seem like a phone call could get you an immediate answer, faster than email. On the contrary, offering email support reduces wait times and gets you answers faster than phone support.

With phone support, customers would have to wait on hold for long stretches of time while we individually answer every phone call. Email allows you to send a question and go about your day, instead of waiting around on hold.

With Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat, we can help more people more quickly than they could taking only one phone call at a time. We will always get back to you as fast as possible in the order your question is submitted.


Complete records of customer exchanges


Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat support helps us keep detailed records about every issue, price quote or another type of inquiry and your history all in one place.

Having records of our exchanges helps us help you more effectively. Nothing gets lost in translation if we need to collaborate on an answer or pass it along to another expert.

Getting an email response means you have a permanent record of our email exchange to rely on, which you can reference again and again. With a phone response, it can be easy to forget a step and have to call back.


Pictures and Links


Email, Texting, Facebook or Live Chat support allows us to send you pictures and download links, which can simply not be shared over the phone.

Sharing links to your digital downloads, helpful articles, or our product pages is a completely necessary part of giving you the best support experience possible, and we can't do any of these things over the phone.