Free Layaway

Hello, yes I sure do offer a layaway program and its free and simple. The layaway terms are below.

Hello, I offer a free layaway program. I would need at least $50 deposit on the item if the item is $500 or less, $100 deposit if the item is more than $500. After that you can make payments whenever, and in any amount you wish. There is no time frame as to when it needs to be paid off. The item does not ship until paid in full. I can only accept layaway payments via PayPal, Checks or Money Orders.

However, keep in mind, if you do cancel the layaway, there is a cancellation fee of the deposit amount. However, you can switch to another item and not lose the deposit.

Layaway items are not held or set aside since it can take months/years for a layaway to be paid in full. If in stock at time of completion of the layaway, it will ship. If not, it will be ordered and can have a wait time depending on the item.

NOTE: Due to the everchanging technology in Optics, prices can go up or down at any moment. Also, the optic can be discontinued as a newer model replaces it. This is the main reason I DO NOT HOLD items on layaway. If the price of the item you have on layaway goes up or down. I will let you know during the layaway process or latest at time of completion of the layaway.

If after 12 months (1 year) of non-payments, I consider the layaway abandoned and have the right to void the layaway. All payments made will not be refunded.

Layaway items will follow our normal return policy located at the link below -

The layaway needs to be setup manually so please let me know if interested?
Or Click this link >> Night Vision Universe!
NOW for instant communication I offer a texting line. You can text me at the number below. Please note, this is a texting line only, I do not receive calls on this number.
Please text me with any questions at 412-573-9059
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