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Bering Optics Super YOTER-C Thermal Clip-On Scope 50mm

Bering Optics Super YOTER-C Thermal Clip-On Scope 50mm


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Bering Optics Super YOTER-C Ultra-Compact Long-Range Thermal Clip-On Scope 640x480/12um 50Hz 50mm BE46150
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Boasting an advanced 12μm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640x480 resolution and proprietary electronics, Bering Optics' SUPER YOTER C™ Universal Thermal Clip on has no equal. It features a superior 50mm Germanium Lens, designed with predator control in mind for medium to far distances. The product is lightweight and compact, made for the coyote and predator hunting market. With its snap-on mounting adapter, Super Yoter C Thermal offers quick day optics conversion in as little as three seconds, plus a detachable eyepiece for up to 16.0x digital magnification functionality. The product can also be outfitted with a Quick Release Weaver Mount (SKU# 80990), enabling it to be used with conventional tactical sights such as prismatics.

The SUPER YOTER C™ offers a comprehensive menu, easy navigation, plus features such as switchable image polarity memory for 4 gun profiles. Its tactile control buttons are ideal for pitch black operation. Plus, it's nitrogen purged, waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof for .338 Win Mag, .30-06 Sprg, .300 H&H and other magnum calibers. Moreover, it excels in action-ready scenarios under various lighting conditions and environmental obscurants such as dust, haze, fog, and high humidity.


• Superior for hogs, coyote and predator control at medium- and long-range distances

• Rugged, compact and lightweight

• Excellent performer in high humidity conditions

• Mountable in front of scopes with lens diameters ranging from 24mm to 64mm

• Optimal with 2.0x to 18.0x day time scopes

• Can be used with heavy recoil weapons, including 30-06 Spring Mag., .300 H&H, .375 H&H

• Convertible to the 4.0x - 16.0x hand held Thermal scanner when coupled with a detachable eye piece

• 12µm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640x480 core with Manual calibration

• Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / Red Hot / Colored Hot

• Manual control of the image sharpness and screen brightness

• Ability to center the screen with respect to the viewed reticle

• Ability to save zeroing data  of 4 gun profiles

• Precise internal lens focusing mechanism

• High resolution 1024x768 OLED  Display

• 5V DC external power supply option via a Type-C USB port

• Blind Pixel repair tool

• Standby mode

• Digital Compass

• Inclinometer

• Battery status indicator

• Nitrogen purged

• Video out

• 4 years warranty


Product Modification


Product SKU#


Optical Magnification in the Clip-on mode, x


Digital Multiplication, X

1X, 2X, 4X

Optical Magnification in the Thermal Viewer  mode, x

4.0x, 8.0x, 16.0x

Objective Lens system


Angular FOV at 1.0x (horizontal x vertical), degree

8.8° x 7.0°

Eye relief, mm (hand held mode / clip-on mode)

20 / 30

Exit Pupil, mm (hand held mode / clip-on mode)

6 / 25

Focus range, approx., yds / m

2 / 1.85 to infinity

Diopter Adjustment, D (hand held mode only)

-5: +5

Core resolution, pxl


Pixel pitch, µm


Image refresh rate, Hz


Thermal Sensitivity (NETD), mK

≤ 50

Display type and resolution, pxl

OLED 1024x768

Start-up time, min., sec.


Object type and size, approx., ft² / m²

8  / 0.75

25.8 / 2.4

Detection, approx.*, yds / m

2500 / 2290

3300 / 3000

Recognition, approx.*, yds / m

450 / 400

800 / 730

Identification, approx.*, yds / m

250 / 230

550 / 500

Dimensions w/out adaptor, in / mm (hand held mode / clip-on mode)

6.61"x2.72"x2.95" / 168x69x75

7.10"x2.72"x2.95" / 180x69x75

Weight,  approx., oz/g (hand held mode / clip-on mode)

   15.6 / 442  /

18.4 / 522

Power supply standard

CR123 (two)

Estimated battery life, hour

             up to 4

Operating temperature, °F/°С

-4° to +122° / -20° to +50°

Water intrusion


Humidity, %

Up to 98%



SUPER YOTER C™ 12μm VOx 640x480 Thermal Clip on

QR Weapon Mount with 2 screws BE80990

Front lens flip up protective cap

4.0x-12.0x Detachable eye piece with a rubber eye guard

Detachable Clip on mode connector piece

Soft Carrying Case

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Instruction manual

Video out Type C USB cable

Two CR123 Batteris

Additional Info:

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