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Luna Optics Extended Range Laser IR Illuminator LN-ELIR-3

Luna Optics Extended Range Laser IR Illuminator LN-ELIR-3


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Luna Optics Extended Range Laser IR illuminator Rail Connector (LN-ELIR-3) 

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The 750nm lasers of the LN-ELIR Series harness the characteristics of coherent infrared light to deliver tighter and brighter beams and drastically increase your night vision's visibility and range while also extending the battery life to up 4 hours. Due to the laser efficiency, the Luna Optics IR lasers offer a sound competition to more powerful LED devices. Depending on the sensitivity (and generation) of your NVD, they can extend your visible range to 109-273 yards. To accommodate your applications and attachment requirements, these lasers can be ordered in two mounting options, a 1/4"-20 tripod socket or a Picatinny/Weaver mount.

Additionally, for aligning the illumination beam with optics, LN-ELIR Series laser illuminators offer vertical and horizontal adjustment sockets, and for controlling beam divergence (0.1-5°), they provide a focusing ring on the objective bezel.

Outfitting your night gear with the IR laser illuminators will increase the visibility range up to 109-273 yards, but the actual range value depends on the generation (and sensitivity) of your NVD and weather conditions.

LN-ELIR-3 (Picatinny rail bracket) – fits directly to the Weaver or Picatinny rail and can be used in conjunction with any traditional image intensifier or digital night vision device.



0.5mW Class-I laser power

785nm wavelength

Picatinny/Weaver or 1/4"-20 mounts

0.1-5° adjustable beam width

Horizontal & vertical beam control

Continual power output adjustment

4-hour operation at max brightness

Robust thermoplastic body desig

Knurled objective ring, battery cap and power adjuster

Tethered protective lens cap

Weighs only 3.5oz

One-Year Limited Warranty

Model LN-ELIR-3 (Picatinny Rail Bracket) fits to:

Weaver or Picatinny rail

Any traditional Image Intensifier

Any Digital Night Vision device


Laser:  Class I, Infrared

Wavelength Output Options:  785nm

Output Power Adjustment:  0.5mW

Beam Spread Adjustment Range:  0.1°-5°

Housing Material: Thermoplastic polymer

Dimensions:  4.8 x 1.2 x 0.9 in (122 x 31 x 24 mm)

Weight:  2.6oz (75g)

Maximum Visibility Range:
1st Gen NVDs and some Digital NVDs - 109yds (100m)
2nd Gen or Luna G3 Digital NVDs - 164yds (150m)
3rd Gen NVDs - 273yds (250m)

Mounting Options:  1/4"-20 tripod socket (LN-ELIR-2), Picatinny/Weaver mount (LN-ELIR-3)

Battery Requirements:  One CR-123A battery

Operating Time:  4 hours

Included Accessories: a tethered protective cap, an adjustment tool, and a mount (installed)

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