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N-Vision PVS-14 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens

N-Vision PVS-14 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens


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N-Vision PVS-14 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens NVAC-107


N-Vision's 3x Afocal Lens can quickly triple the magnification of PVS-7 or PVS-14 night vision devices. Featuring fast f/1.5 optics with a 13 degree angle of view, this lightweight magnifier lens can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens for easy attachment. Additionally, it includes a fold-down objective cover to protect the front lens from moisture and other harm.

  • Compatible: PVS-14, PVS-7, GT-14, G15, MUM14

• Magnification 3x

• Spectal Range 8.0-12 μm

• Front Lens Clear Aperture Diameter 67.0 mm

• Rear Lens Clear Aperture Diameter 27.0 mm

• Dimensions

3 x 2 (inches)
7 x 5 (centimeters)

• Weight 194 g/ 6.8 oz

• Submersibilty 20 m/ 66 ft

• Compatibility Universal


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