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Bering Optics Extended Battery Cap BE80008

Bering Optics Extended Battery Cap BE80008


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Bering Optics Extended Battery Cap Kit for all Hogster, Super Hogster & Super Yoter Thermals BE80008
Allows using with 16650 type rechargeable batteries. Compatible with all Hogster, Super Hogster and Super Yoter Thermal scopes. Depending on the model of Hogster or Yoter, it provides 5-8 hours of run time.
Important Info:

Some 16650 batteries are slightly longer than others, a longer battery can cause the Bering Optics Battery Extender to not close all the way. Choose a battery of the correct length. The recommended 16650 battery is JESSPOW at the below link on Amazon.

If you want to go with a different brand battery, make sure they are flat top 67-69mm length rechargeable 16650 batteries.

When inserting, you just need to press hard with your palm on the end side of the Battery Extender. And make sure the Extender snaps into the battery compartment. Two clicks should be heard when it snaps in. The Battery Extender latches are made very pretentiously, so sometimes you need to press hard on one the side of the Extender until one latch is in, then push on the other side of the front surface of the Extender and second latch will snap in.

After installing the Battery Extender, the round handle of the battery compartment lid is inserted from below into the Extender groove.

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