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Pulsar Rechargeable Li-on Battery Pack IPS 7

Pulsar Rechargeable Li-on Battery Pack IPS 7


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Pulsar Rechargeable Li-on Battery Pack IPS 7 Trail Helion Digisight Accolade PL79166
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Pulsar Battery Pack IPS7

Transform the way businesses power their thermal and night vision optics with the Pulsar IPS7 exchangeable battery pack. This solution offers fast, accessible battery life and eliminates the need for buying batteries. The Pulsar IPS7 performs better than traditional options and offers up to 10-13 hours of uninterrupted power. This rechargeable pack is compatible with all Trail, Helion, and Digisight Ultra optics and can be recharged using any standard wall outlet or car charger.

Fits Pulsar optics such as Trail, Helion, Digisight, Accolade.


» Operating time 10-13 hours
» 3.7 voltage
» 6,400 mAh capacity
» Weighs 0.13 kg



  • IPS7 Battery
  • Protective Battery Cover
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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